Take your Product Management toolkit to the next level using Gocious


Gocious Webinar

This webinar is scheduled for Thursday April 22, 10am PT / 1pm ET
Join our Product Management Expert, Jeff Strunk and Director of Customer Success, Simon Leyland as they discuss how to upgrade your product management toolkit and uncover the benefits of using the Gocious product management suite.
 In this webinar you will learn:
  • By implementing Gocious, the 5 ways that you will improve the quality and throughput of your product management processes

  • How to quickly get up and running on Gocious with minimal change management

  • The simple economics of modernizing your methods

  • How to justify implementing Gocious to your management team


Thursday, April 22 at 10:00am PT

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Jeff Strunk, Gocious LLC, Product Management Consultant

Mark Kapczynski

Mark Kapczynski, Gocious LLC, CMO

Simon Leyland-1

Simon Leyland, Gocious LLC, Director of Customer Success