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Automotive Product Planners and Designers

No matter what you call them, your product features matrices can be hard to handle in traditional tools like Excel. Copying and pasting, and time-consuming data entry are a bore. And without the flexibility to assess many different combinations, you may be limited in the creativity you can apply. 

With Gocious, you could be flying through the what-if scenarios, running dynamic reports, and collaborating in real time with others.

With Gocious PRM you could:

  • Automatically create a Product Walk for easy visualization of your product line across all variants
  • Instantly build a Spec Report that awards easy-to-digest ranges (low to high) of options across your product line
  • Make changes simple with at-a-glance view of how your features span across your product variants

Now you can, and you can try it free. See what product planning can look like in the 21st century.

Product Walk - Trucks


PLOM - Trucks