A Fireside Chat with Debby Davis

Director of Product Development and Management, Tidel


Gocious Fireside Chat

We were so excited to sit down and talk with Debby Davis from Tidel — the market leader in tech-enabled cash automation systems. Aside from being truly insightful and dynamic, Debby has many successful product launches across industries under her belt.  

As Director of Product Development & Management, Debby shares her experiences with:

  • How to get away from building one-off products
  • Securing product roadmap buy-in from “the top”  
  • Addressing internal misconceptions about Product Management to effect real change
  • Rules she uses to decide what product to build
  • What new tools are essential for the Product Management toolbox

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Debby Davis headshot

Debby Davis, Tidel, Director of Product Management

Mark Kapczynski

Mark Kapczynski, Gocious LLC, CMO